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How many times do you hear stories from friends about the agent they HAD to deal with when they bought their home?

Nine times out of ten, friends and even people you don't know, will complain terribly about the agent they just met or looked at a home with.

We hear stories from people like “We told them we only wanted to spend $400,000 and they kept showing us homes for $450,000”, or “We wanted a four bedroom home and they showed us three bedroom homes”.

The biggest complaint we receive from disgruntled buyers and sellers is that the agent does not listen. 

As a seller, you expect the agent to represent the property... your asset...in its best light, and when you have sold and you are then a buyer, you would expect the agent to LISTEN to your requirements so that your valuable time is not wasted.

Conversely when we get positive feedback from our customers, be they buyers or sellers, the one consistent positive comment we receive is that our sales people LISTEN to their client's requests.

We have found that an ability to communicate effectively, honestly and professionally is only the way WE wish to be treated by all the people we deal with on a daily basis, so it is quite a relief to find an agent who won't waste your time, and at the same time LISTEN to what you want.

There is nothing worse than someone trying to sell you something that you don't want, is there?

So at Coomera Realty, we LISTEN and we enjoy lots of repeat business because of our attention to our clients... many of which have become close friends within our local area.

As a member of the REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE OF QUEENSLAND (REIQ), we are qualified and capable, having accreditation and compliance requirements that must be reviewed on an annual basis. Coomera Realty Pty Ltd (as members of the REIQ) are bound to maintain ethical conduct and a level of professionalism that is above the average.

Choosing an agent who displays the code of ethics and rules of practice of our industry is the first step in making the selling or buying transition a peaceful and pleasant experience