Improve your potential

There are a number of simple ways in which you can improve the selling potential of your home – and they don’t involve spending a fortune. Our agents are highly experienced in recommending what is and isn’t a financially viable undertaking when it comes to sprucing up your home for sale.
A fresh coat of paint will always brighten a tired property. Be sure to keep it neutral so it has broader appeal.
De-clutter – it’s the golden rule!
De-cluttering your home will not only make it appear larger and cleaner, but it will give potential buyers a better opportunity to envisage how their own furniture will look in the house. Less is definitely more when it comes to selling a home.
Make sure your home smells fresh
Make sure  your home smells fresh!
It might sound obvious, but it’s imperative to make sure your home smells fresh – dog odours and stale cigarette smoke are instant psychological detractors. Be sure to air it out well before inspection, especially if it’s been a rental property or unlived in.
DA approved plans
DA  approved plans
If you had any prior plans to renovate, discuss the viability of getting plans DA approved prior to selling – it may add thousands to your sale price and be highly appealing to buyers who don’t wish to labour through the approval process themselves.
To renovate or not to renovate
To  renovate or not to renovate
Some renovations are worthwhile undertaking before you sell, others will just prove an unnecessary outlay of time and money that you won’t necessarily recoup. Before you launch into anything, discuss it closely with your agent as they’ll be able to advise on what’s going to reap rewards.
Know the calibre of your property
Know the  calibre of your property
If your property’s a complete renovator’s delight, then it’s often not worth spending much to improve it. However, if it’s a multi-million dollar property, a more comprehensive touch up may be of value.
Necessary repairs
Necessary  repairs
Undertake any necessary basic repairs – leaky taps, broken hinges, rising damp, cracked windows. This will ensure that new buyers aren’t put off by the fact that they’ll be forced to outlay more money as soon as they move in.
First impressions count
First  impressions count
Make sure the façade of your home looks its best. Not only will this create a strong first impression, but it will make it more inviting to potential buyers passing the house. Spend time on the garden – it’s an inexpensive way to make a big difference.