We look after your property like its yours.

We look after your property like it is yours.

Managing the relationship with your tenants, building management and the owners corporation is critical to delivering premium prices for the sale of your apartments.

We understand the importance of working with your tenants to maximize your rental income during the sales process and to subdue any fears from current tenants and neighbours about the future sale of the apartments.

The prestige and reputation of the building will be protected.

In summary:

  • The Agency is an award-winning and recognised leader in property management managing a property portfolio valued at over $700 million.
  • Our management business is a dedicated unit led by two of our directors.  Property management is what we do. It is not just an adjunct or pipeline to our sales business.
  • Our team truly respect that your property is yours not theirs.  Terms of engagement are strictly adhered to, and our managers will assume the authority and autonomy you require.
  • Our management team work in structured business units ensuring continuity in the knowledge and management of your property.  Should one property manager be out of the office there is another manager who respects you, your property and your tenant.   Each management team in turn works with our dedicated leasing agents and report direct to our Director of Property Management.
  • Cutting-edge technology leads the growth of our business providing surety in the leasing, inspection and management of your property.
  • Our area expertise is beyond compare – with over 500 properties across Sydney’s East and CBD we understand the market and nuances of each neighbourhood.
  • We deliver regular face-to-face meetings and updates on your property together with ongoing recommendations for the maintenance and compliance of your investment.
  • We deliver on our commitments.