Real Estate Results Network

icon_RERMember (2)The Agency is delighted to be part of the outstanding Real Estate Results Network Group and are excited that valued clients will reap the rewards.  The entire sales team will be better skilled in all aspects of negotiation, effective buyer management, property marketing, client reporting, communication and so much more.  Plus they’ll have access to the best in the business when seeking advice for a specific client situation.  It’s a win for everyone.

A progressive and highly skilled real estate group, focused on delivering outstanding results and a 6-star client service through continued training and development.  This may sound like a contradiction to many people who’ve experienced the norm in real estate service while, selling, buying or leasing real estate.  Yet this is exactly what’s being created by the Real Estate Results Network. 

Developed by Australia’s leading business strategist and real estate coach, Michael Sheargold, the Network offers a select group of independent real estate professionals, access to the most advanced learning and development systems in the world today.

With just 1 in approximately 30 agencies being invited to participate throughout Australia and New Zealand, the Network is an exclusive one.  The information, strategies and framework that Members benefit from give them an even greater competitive edge in their local areas. 

“For this select group of agency principals and their teams, the Real Estate Results Network represents a powerful new direction for leadership, advice and competitive edge strategies” says network founder Michael Sheargold.

“One of the many benefits of the Real Estate Results Network is connecting like-minded real estate professionals who are committed to growth and developing themselves and their business for the benefit of their clients.” 

The  Real Estate Results Network requires a real commitment to performance excellence and business development through ongoing professional development and professional peer interaction throughout Australia and New Zealand.